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Thursday, March 9 - Friday, March 10

                                           2023 Second Half Art Exhibition

Celebrating Ten Living Old Masters
Alexander Korzer-Robinson
Allister Malcolm
Andrea Jarvis Hamilton
Ane Christenson
Anna Silverton
Avital Avital
Carolyn Tripp
Daniel Reynolds
Sally Burnett
Sarah Pulvertaft

This exhibition will take place in The Second Half Centre at the NHS St Charles Hospital on Exmoor Street London W10 6DZ ,  created and opened in October 2012 by Jill Shaw Ruddock after the publication of her book ‘The Second Half of Your Life’ - a book for women about successful ageing and how to use the hormonal changes around menopause to get to the best years of one’s life. 

Like her book, this exhibition is an exciting and inspirational story of transformation and growth.  This year, there are 10 incredibly talented Second Half artists exhibiting and selling their work. Half the proceeds go to the artist directly and the other half to The Second Half Foundation to support the work of The Second Half Centre run by Open Age.  Dr. Tristram Hunt, Director of The Victoria and Albert Museum will officially be opening this exhibition on March 9th  6:30 pm and James Robinson, The Keeper of Sculpture, Ceramics, Glass and Metalwork at the V&A for breakfast on the March 10th 10:30am

 I hope  that even if you aren’t in London, you will look at the catalogue and purchase a piece of art that you love to support their work.  Contact me at for a copy of the catalogue.  

 In a post pandemic world, now more than ever we must work together to ensure that The Second Half Centre stays a hub of the community as we continue to rewrite the script for growing older.