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28 Oct - 06 Nov Noon - 6PM Daily


Artist -- Enrique Perezalba Red

Plastic is a material we no longer celebrate due to its perceived contribution to the deterioration of our environment.

Artist Enrique Perezalba Red studied the design of several functional and disposable containers like hotel toiletry bottles, sushi bottles, etc and discovered that many of those forms existed in ceramics design long before the popularity of plastics took off in the 60s.

With this collection, he has chosen to complete the circle and scale up these functional and disposable plastic objects into non-functional and artistic ceramics works.  He’s elevating the mundane and making these forms extraordinary again.

We are used to painters framing their canvas to enhance their work – the expected.  Enrique has done the unexpected and extraordinary by framing his ceramics to enhance our visual enjoyment of the work.  Even better, his inspiration has been the practical softwood crates to store ceramics in Asia taken to a new level with precision designed hardwood with interesting grain the complements his ceramics

In addition, Enrique is going to enhance the experience of viewing the exhibition by displaying the works in a space that he has designed that without giving away too much, we’d best describe as entering a life-size curiosity cabinet.

Exhibiting at 7 Wetherby Gardens, London, SW5 0JN