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Ceramics at Doddington Hall Exhibition 2018

This July Lincolnshire’s Doddington Hall will be building on its 400-year history and opening a new chapter with the unveiling of its first ever Ceramics Exhibition.
Owners of the hall, Claire and James Birch, are bringing something fresh and new to Doddington with a ceramics show, housed in a light and airy studio in the Stable Yard with views across the estate. During the six-week exhibition there will also be hands-on workshops so people inspired by the exhibition can have a go at creating their own works of art.
Visitors will be able to view the exhibition space, which will include pieces ranging from the functional to decorative, between 28 July and 9 September. This coincides with the prestigious Sculpture at Doddington 2018 exhibition which will be set in the historic surroundings of the hall, gardens and parkland.
Claire Birch, who with husband James, is the latest generation of the family to enjoy the role of ‘guardian’ of the hall, said: “We try to offer our visitors something fresh and different to see each year. There are many exciting developments this year and we are delighted to unveil the new Ceramics Exhibition. It promises to challenge people’s perceptions and will be both imaginative and inspiring.”
The collection has been curated with Preston Fitzgerald, who is well known for working with young emerging artists and has judged The Young Masters Mayliss Grand Ceramics Prize. Together they have shaped an exhibition that includes the modern and the classic and will feature the work of emerging artists, including recent graduates of The Royal College of Art, as well as established artists who have set the benchmark for British studio ceramics.
Artists have used mediums ranging from earthenware and stoneware to porcelain and techniques including wheel thrown pieces, hand built, slip cast and raku fired works. The show will exhibit figurative, sculptural and lighting as well as functional wares such as vases, bowls and plates, using mediums from earthenware and stoneware to porcelain. The extent of the range means there are pieces to fit all tastes and budgets.
Ceramic fans will also have the opportunity of visiting the hall on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays to see collections of ceramics amassed over the hundreds of years of unbroken family ownership at the hall. These include 17th and 18th century porcelain and 20th century pottery.
Doddington Hall has a long-standing tradition of supporting the arts and the family have been avid collectors. Added Claire: “Over the years an eclectic collection of paintings, textiles and ceramics has grown at Doddington. Each generation has been responsible for adding to the collection. My parents, for example, developed a collection of British Studio Ceramics and their love of ceramics has been passed on to me. I have a passion for ceramics and am so pleased that we are hosting our first Ceramics Exhibition at Doddington.”
The Ceramics Exhibition takes place in the Stable Yard Gallery between Saturday 28 July and Sunday 9 September and will be open daily between 11am and 4.30pm. All pieces will be available for sale. There is no extra admission cost for the Ceramics Exhibition.