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LONDON CRAFT WEEK 3-D Clay Printing Demonstration & Talk 3-4 Oct 2020

3D clay printing is a phenomenal new art form that is stretching what artists are able to do with clay.  London benefits from artists who are at the cutting edge of creating the works and necessary technology.  Preston Fitzgerald, contemporary arts collector, curator and judge of the Mayliss Grand Young Masters Ceramics Arts Prize brings together some talented artists to give 3D printing demonstrations, exhibit their 3D clay artwork, and talk about their practice. 

Meet the following pioneering talent:  Ryan Barrett, Nico Conti, Fred Gwatkins, Jonathan Keep, Heleen Sintobin and Michelle Shields. These artists are known and skilled at working with their hands in a traditional way but they have chosen to stretch the boundaries of clay through technology.

The field of  3D printed ceramics is in its infancy.   3D printing traditionally was focused on polymers, then metals and most recently ceramics and multi-material for manufacturing.  The printers and CAD applications were developed with manufacturing design in mind so each of our artists has had to delve into their craft through repeated testing and trials of the impact of analog and digital technology and their understanding of the materiality of clay.

Our schedule for LCW is a full day of artists demonstrating their craft. Each artist will have their own section where in rotation throughout the day each will give a demonstration and discuss their practice.  They will show the technology that they developed to enable their art forms. .In many cases they not only have to design their own software/CAD, these artists have to tinker with the mechanics and tools — It’s not  just the kiln anymore.

Additionally, each artist will provide examples of their work that will be exhibited throughout the space and viewable all day.  These will be the best illustrations of their work.

Finally, at the end of the day, Preston will moderate a zoom webinar panel discussion with all six artists.   You can book at the following link:

London Craft Week 3D Clay Printing Demo and Zoom Webinar